The Beautiful Gorgeous is a team of 4 individuals who came together over a shared passion for the unity of sound and imagery. The alternative-rock group is led by Brooklynn White and backed by guitarist Noah DeLeon, bassist Sal Sagese and drummer David White. They work to create a dynamic catalogue that inspires and informs the world around them.

I was born in Canada but raised in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit. I am very dedicated and passionate about the arts and acquiring as much knowledge as I can. I love conversing with others and learning their stories. Storytelling is my key passion and I love the variety of ways stories can be told. In addition to music, films (watching and making) play a major part of my life. I am very fortunate have been raised by two very loving, modern thinking people, who have given me a very colorful view of the world. Human equality is something I feel strongly about and will never stop fighting for.
Nickname: B


Ever since I was young, my mom would know I was up in the morning if she heard singing coming from my bedroom. In the fourth grade, my dad, also a musician, bought me a cheap Squier Stratocaster and it became my best friend for years to come. Teaching myself drums alongside guitar and bass, music became my escape from the confines of reality as a young kid growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. I’ve always been an avid writer, and lover of film and photography. Music is the most important aspect of my life, and I want to take any opportunity I can to make my voice heard. Thank you Based God.

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My life goal is to build up loud enough of a voice to leave a footprint in human history and to make that impact a positive one. I enjoy any song that makes me think, whether it’s how the song works theoretically or lyrically. Whether I’m questioning how a part could even have be thought of or what events inspired an artist to write a particular lyric. I’m always trying to push the boundaries of my musicianship and grow. My friends and family are everything to me. I’ll probably mess up my first impression.

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I’ve been banging and pots and pans in the kitchen and strumming the strings on tennis rackets since I was born. I grew up a little bit, picked up drums and a guitar, and I find myself here about 12 years later. I was raised in a house where music virtually never stopped playing, but when it did, I’d sing my own songs. There is nothing in the world I love more than creating and channeling my thoughts through sound; it’s the only way I can truly present my feelings to others. I’m obsessed with immersing myself and others in a universe of my own design.

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Instagram: Noahjdeleon